Welcome, its nice to have you here

Welcome to a site solely dedicated to self-love for children. If you are coming here today from my other blog Tall Dork and Matching, welcome! I am happy to have you here. If you have found us organically, welcome as well! I am glad you stumbled upon the page. 

This site is meant to share my own self-love books I LIKE ME AND I LOVE ME - a self-love picture book, and I LIKE ME AND I LOVE ME - a self-love activity book.

I will also be reviewing and recommending other blogs, accounts, and story books to help parents and children navigate the mindful journey to self-acceptance. 

If you are a parent, author, or creator and want to share what has inspired and motivated you, please send me a message. I would love to hear from you! 

Hope you are staying happy and healthy 


Abby Zaitley